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About Kashmiri Club

Join Kashmiri Club today in 3 easy steps

Kashmiri Club is a rewards program to their customers where you can enroll for free with just your mobile number when you shop at Kashmiri Son’s showrooms Khatima, Haldwani & Dehradun (Coming Soon).

FAQ Section

1. How can I become a member of Kashmiri Club loyalty card program?

It is very simple. Whenever you shop at kashmiri store, at the time billing share your name and mobile number. You will get your card at the same time and become a member of Kashmiri Club loyalty card program.

2. How will I earn points?

On every purchase, you will get point.

Rs. 100 = 1 point

For example, if are making a purchase of Rs. 5000 you will get 50 points.

3. How frequently do the Points get updated in my account?

The point gets credited after 24 hours of your shopping.

4. How can I check my current point balance?

By visiting our store you can check your point. To know your point you can also call our customer executive.

5. How can I redeem my point?

The minimum point to redeem is 100 point.

If you have accumulated minimum 300 points, you can redeem 250 points and need to maintain a minimum balance of 50 points.

Milestone to redeem – If you have following point in you account you can redeem

  • 1. 100 Point
  • 2. 250 point
  • 3. 500 point
  • 4. 750 point
  • 5. 1000 point
6. Will I always get points for all my transactions?

Yes. At every purchase you get point

7. What is the validity of the points?

Points are valid for a period of 5 years from the date of accrual.

8. How can I get the benefits of my loyalty card if my card lost or broken?

If loyalty card has lost/broken you need to visit our store and get a new card it will cost you Rs. 250. To get the benefits of your previous card you must have your registered mobile no. to get OTP, and the benefits of your previous card will get transferred to the new card.

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